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welcome message from chairman

Leaving behind an era featuring the most rapid industrialization in Korean history and all-encompassing changes, both positive and negative, the new millenium opens with great optimism. In the last century, humanity ascended into the "Age of Affluence" thanks, in part, to the development of science and technology, as well as the rapid progress of industrialization. However, "Securing Clean and Plentiful Water" has become one of the key problems for the continued survival and prosperity of society in the future. Increasing air and water pollution, coupled with unusual weather phenomena, are creating serious threats to human lives.

In Korea, it has also become more difficult to develop new water resources due to the decline of appropriate sites for dam construction and the increasing voice of environmentalists. It is necessary to educate the public to create a better understanding of water resources and the crises we face. Now the roles and responsibilities of KNCOLD have became more valuable than ever before as we face this new millenium, the "Age of Water" with its emphasis on humanity and our coexistence with the nature.

We'll try our best to find fundamental solutions to water problems, to realize "WATOPIA", focusing on both quantity and quality of water resources while developing water resources in a more eco-friendly way. We will also pursue eco-friendly water policies and new technologies; a paradigm shift towards a new water policy of environmentally sound and sustainable development, and an integrated management of water resources. This may only be reached through ceaseless research and development, as well as by the cooperative and dedicated efforts from all KNCOLD members, people that are the most active specialists in their respective fields.

KNCOLD welcomes your visit to our homepage and encourages your active participation in exchanging and sharing knowledge and experience concerning dams through our homepage.